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Why Church Matters…


I just wrapped up a series of testimonies during worship from some members of the church I serve around why church matters to them. Each shared their faith journey and how they landed here and where they are in their walk with God. Each was then asked to sum it all up: Why does church matter? The responses varied, but a common thread was heard: church matters because it is where we are [...]

A Letter to Anti-Church Prognosticators: Just Cut the Crap Already!

To those who would say that the Church is an antiquated and dying institution that continues to cling to the myth of an all powerful God:

Mission trips, Sunday nights, summer beach campouts, and food fights in the fellowship hall were all part of my church experience. We got into our fair share of trouble. But our youth group was the place where I could be myself and discover myself at the same time. It [...]

Social Media and the Church #ga220

Emily Hope Morgan (@PresbyEmily) shared with a group her journey into social media and how that may or may not affect the church. The question posed is how can churches and pastors really use Twitter or Facebook.

Mostly it’s a tool to connect with colleagues, friends, members, according to Andy James (@andyjames). Emily shared that pastoral care is happening more and more via social media as people seem more comfortable posting [...]

On Christian Community in a Social Media World

Note: This is an article I wrote for the June edition of my church’s newsletter. I thought it was worth posting here as well.

Before I offer anything else, I need to acknowledge that I am an avid user of social media like Facebook and Twitter—I want my bias to be clear from the start. If you don’t know what these are, I’m afraid none of this will make much sense. So, let [...]

And away we go…

As my denomination, the PC(USA), heads into it’s 220th General Assembly, when ruling elders and teaching elders (a.k.a., elders and pastors) meet to hash through the issues that divide us…I mean…discern the will of God, many presbyterians (sadly, a minority) are reading up on all the overtures (read: proposed legislation) being proffered by liberals, conservatives, and the generally confused.

Ok, yes, that may sound a bit harsh to some, [...]

New Pastoral Call – Days 1 & 2

Tuesday I began a new call as pastor/teaching elder at University Presbyterian Church in Tempe, AZ. In their bulletin they describe themselves as an intentionally “open and affirming community” where “all are welcome.” It is refreshing! But, it is still a congregation in transition, as so many are these days. They have been without an installed minister for three years, having been served admirably and faithfully by two interim ministers. The congregation is [...]