The of Love Over Ego and Sin

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If you don’t subscribe to Fr. Richard Rohr’s daily meditation email, I highly recommend it. I don’t get to read it every day, but it is a a wonderful resource drawn from his decades of studying and practicing the more contemplative side of Christian life and action. He is the founder and director of the Center for Contemplative Action in New Mexico—the idea that the contemplative life draws us to behave, live, and act in certains ways in harmony with God’s vision for humanity and creation.

I woke up early Saturday morning, fed the dogs, re-heated a cup of coffee, and sat down to read the news and some of my subscription emails. He writes a lot about love. I was told not too long ago by a member of my congregation that they noticed I seem to preach about love a lot—I took it as a compliment. Love seems to be the most written about topic in both our Hebrew and Christian scriptures. I think that means it’s something we should be paying closer attention to. It probably also means it is the hardest thing for we humans to grasp. Leonard Sweet says that “I love you” are the three hardest words to get right.

One phrase in Fr. Rohr’s meditation caught my attention and grabbed me by the collar in the most forcefully loving way I could imagine. So, I did what any social-media savvy Gen-Xer would do…I turned it into a meme very appropriate for Advent and posted it on Facebook. But, I offer here again, worthy of our consideration as continue to contemplate the reality of God’s breaking into our hearts, into our lives, into our world:

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