BlogPost: Lenten Journal – Day 6

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JournalingSo, how is your Lenten practice or discipline going? I’m off to a rocky start already. I have committed myself to journaling more in hopes that it might allow me to gain some perspective on what God might doing around me and in me.

I’ve found it has not been easy to make space for this practice. It has reminded me how difficult it can be to be intentional in discerning God’s presence on a regular basis when things get busy or overwhelming. But then, that is exactly what Lent is about—helping us to break the rhythms of busyness and distraction, and center ourselves on what is right and true again.

I called a friend of mine in a moment of emotional exhaustion and I was reminded: Calm down, Eric. In times of stress especially, you need to be even more centered so as not to miss an opportunity to experience the presence of the One who calls us to the center in the first place. And, even more importantly, my friend told me: “Give yourself a break! Beating yourself up just makes it worse.” Wise words I needed to hear!

I’m trying to get back to that center. How are your Lenten practices helping you get back to that center? Even more importantly, what grace are you able to receive in the midst of your efforts? Isn’t that really kind of the point of all this? Not necessarily to let ourselves off the hook in being intentional in our faith, but not beating ourselves up when the seasons are a little rougher than we had hoped. In receiving grace, we take one step closer to that precious center in God.

In invite you to share your Lenten journey by commenting below or any of these posts, or by sharing this on Facebook or Twitter with your own thoughts. You never what inspiration you may offer or receive in response.

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