The Church Lost Today!! #ga220

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I am sitting in the plenary as commissioners gather to hear and discern further the work of the Church. The duly elected vice-moderator, the Rev. Tara Spuhler McCabe, has resigned her position in response to divisive vitriol and hate from some groups in our church (her words can be found here—an amazing statement of faithfulness in the face of the evil and hate-filled influences that are destroying the Body of Christ. Have we learned nothing from Jesus or our history? When we lower ourselves to the level of barbarians, we have left Christ behind.

This is a sad day for our church and for the culture and tenor of our society and nation. I come to GA to witness God’s Spirit of unity in the midst of immense ideological diversity. We have failed to witness it. We have failed to listen or heed. No one has won here thanks to the poisonous hate that continues to ooze from the divisive corners of this church. We have all lost as the crack that has formed in the Body of Christ just went deeper.

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  1. Evildoers get away with their deeds when done in secret.

    Eric (or anyone else reading this), please compile a list of weblinks to the venous hate speech that Tara was allegedly subjected to.

  2. The irony of this is that once again the church has shot itself in the foot. The church is fast becoming a place (empty in heart and soul)where people go to look their best in an effort to hide who they really are- modern day Philistines and nothing more.

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