I’m Pissed! #ga220

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I have sat here in the aftermath of the resignation of Tara Spuhler McCabe as vice-mod of GA220, listening to our ecumenical partners try to help us remember our call to peace. I have moved beyond sad to anger. I am angry that a small and poisonous minority in our Church are able to cause so much divisiveness and bully their way to the center to effect such pain and suffering for our entire church. And worse, it’s done under the guise of doing God’s work. Could anything be more antithetical to Christ’s teachings?

Ok, yes there are much worse things: ignoring 60,000 people who die every day from hunger, the AIDS epidemic that continues to spread, continued economic and political injustices committed every day against the poor and to keep poor countries poor and under control of those in the top 1%, people who continued to be oppressed because of the gender of who they might fall in love with, etc., etc.

Yes, perspective is important. But as we hear calls for peace and we allow those who seek division and perpetuate violence even in our own Body, I can’t help but be angry. And as our mystic ancestors might caution, the faithful questions remains: what will I do with my anger?

For now, I’m praying for my church and for my sisters and brothers who are serving as commissioners, delegates, staff, and support here.

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