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I am excited that the folks at SparkHouse are coming out with a cool new adult curriculum to “spark” new life into our Christian lives with awesome content and some pretty funny and goofy cartoon videos.

I’ve been using SparkHouse’s re:Form youth confirmation curriculum for a few years now, and I love it (it’s actually part of the overall curriculum I use for youth confirmation). The material invites questions and is not “preachy.” In fact, they don’t give a lot of answers, and leave room to wrestle with stuff. They raise some great questions that have sparked some awesome conversation with the youth I’ve taught.

In this new adult/young adult curriculum their also using some voices that I have come to trust and appreciate in the ongoing dialogue about what the Church is becoming, namely my friends Bruce Reyes Chow and Carol Howard Merritt, who also blogs here and co-hosts the God Complex Radio podcast.

There many people I would love to be leading a group with, and Bruce and Carol are one of the top people on that list. I don’t know when it’s coming out, but I hope you check it out, or at least check out the video about it (see above). Check out their other stuff at

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