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Thanks for stopping in. Pour yourself a cup o' jo, take a load off your feet, and check out what's here. You are looking at my ramblings about issues of faith, life and culture—they are my own and are not necessarily shared by those with whom I work, live or otherwise engage.

My journey has led my family and me across the country where I have been introduced to a lot of people and a lot of different ways of doing things. One passion, though, runs through all these experiences: building beloved and sustainable community. "Sustainable" community is kind of a strange notion, as communities (people) change constantly, and things are always in motion. So, the latest chapter of my life has led me to the notion of "impermanence"—not an idea that comes naturally in a culture that likes to build monuments to our greatness for future generations to view and admire. But, I'm trying to practice my awareness of impermanence—the idea that nothing is permanent, nothing is forever, and things are always in flux.

Feel free to share your comments and engage in any conversation that may be happening here, but just know that I do reserve the right to delete any spam or anything I deem inappropriate or offensive. I look forward to dialoguing with anyone who cares to dialogue!

Peace and blessings,
                   Eric Ledermann

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April 29, 2012 – 4th Sunday of Easter University Presbyterian Church of Tempe, Arizona 1 John 3.16-24 and John 10.11-18 © 2012 by The Rev. Eric O. Ledermann All rights reserved.

Bully – The Movie

Yesterday I saw the movie Bully with the Director of Youth Ministries at my church and with one of the volunteer adult advisors for the youth group. There has been some controversy over its rating due to some of the language in it as well as some disturbing acts of violence depicted, not to mention subject matter. Yes, there is graphic language. Yes, there are scenes of what I would call […]

They Were Terrified!

April 22, 2012 – 3rd Sunday of Easter University Presbyterian Church of Tempe, Arizona 1 John 3.1-7 and Luke 24.36b-48 © 2012 by The Rev. Eric O. Ledermann All rights reserved.

Peace Be with You

“Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, ‘Peace be with you.’”

~Luke 24.36b

I continue to be both inspired and disheartened by Jesus’ post-resurrection greeting to his friends. I know we live in an increasingly violent world. And though my lifestyle is pretty steady (so far) with little fear of going hungry, losing my home, or being murdered, I know it happens and often to the unsuspecting. I struggle with the people serving […]

The Hunger Games

I’ve read the books (all three), and now I’ve seen the movie. In spite of what some people say about Hunger Games being geared toward young adults, they are just a fascinating read. Yes, the story is violent and at times gory, but there is depth in these pages and in the movie (though, admittedly, less in the movie). As I walked out of the movie theater a group of adults in […]

I Have Seen the Lord!

April 8, 2012 – Easter Sunday University Presbyterian Church of Tempe, Arizona John 20.1-18 © 2012 by The Rev. Eric O. Ledermann All rights reserved.

Unless I Wash You…

April 5, 2012 – Maundy Thursday University Presbyterian Church of Tempe, Arizona John 13.3-17 © 2012 by The Rev. Eric O. Ledermann All rights reserved.

Sermon – “Blessed”

The audio recording didn’t work today, so I’m posting my sermon text for today, Palm Sunday, here. The sermon was based on Mark 11.1-11, Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Unfortunately, I do have a tendency to “off manuscript”, so I’m afraid those remarks are lost. But this gives you the gist:

Can you imagine the scene…Jesus is about a mile outside of Jerusalem. For several years he has been wandering the Galilean countryside about 70 miles […]