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My journey has led my family and me across the country where I have been introduced to a lot of people and a lot of different ways of doing things. One passion, though, runs through all these experiences: building beloved and sustainable community. "Sustainable" community is kind of a strange notion, as communities (people) change constantly, and things are always in motion. So, the latest chapter of my life has led me to the notion of "impermanence"—not an idea that comes naturally in a culture that likes to build monuments to our greatness for future generations to view and admire. But, I'm trying to practice my awareness of impermanence—the idea that nothing is permanent, nothing is forever, and things are always in flux.

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Help Me Design My Business Card – Take 2

First, thank you to all who helped me out by rating my first attempt at business card designs. As silly as it seams, a business card is often one’s first or second introduction and it does make an impression on people. It’s also an introduction for our congregation, so I really want to make something cool. But, most of all, I’m just having a lot of fun playing with designs, and it’s mentally getting me ready to engage a new community, helping me be a little more intentional about how I might start my time with UCPT.

So here’s my second attempt at a good business card (first try is here). While it is “just information”, I want my business card to say something about the church. Granted, I don’t yet really know UPCT. But, let me know what you think by clicking on the link and rating each design, and maybe offer some comments by clicking here. I received some great comments! So thank you!

I do have a lot of information I want on the card, including how to connect with me through my blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook, in addition to the usual cell phone and office info. The question was how to get all this information on a card and make the card look inviting and professional. I do want to use the church logo (the hands), and utilize the colors they are already using. They are using the Papyrus font for the church name (Option A), which, I agree, is a fairly overused font. But it does reflect their desire to be a more contemplative community. Though some people suggested I lose the PC(USA) seal, it’s important to me and means a lot to me.

Before we get to the latest designs, here are the results of my first survey. It seems Option D “won”, but the ratings are so close, I find them relatively inconclusive.

Option A
Option A
3.21 out of 5.0
Option B
Option B
3.53 out of 5.0
Option C
Option C
3.20 out of 5.0
Option D
Option D
3.79 out of 5.0

So, here are the new designs. Let me know what you think.


Option A

This is one of the original designs that seemed to get the most chatter, so I’m including it here. I like the UPC logo as a watermark and that it uses the PCUSA seal. It is a very traditional business card, but a clean design with the colors and Papyrus font UPC is currently using on their letterhead.

Option B

This design is inspired by Ryan Kemp-Pappan. He designed something very similar that gave me some great ideas. It is a two-sided card, with church info on one side, personal info on the other. It uses the blue hues that UPC is using on their current letterhead, and makes the “UPC” stand out. I designed the little symbols for the personal info, but they are entirely inspired by Ryan’s original design.

Option C

Same design as Option B above, but with a slightly more whimsical font.

Option D

Again, a more traditional design, but with an entirely redesigned header, something that could easily be replicated on letterhead, replacing the slogan with the church’s address, phone, and website. I utilized the buttons used in Options B and C, but incorporated the UPC colors from Option A in a different way. The attempt with the font is to offer a “university” feel.


Please rate them ALL if you can. And thank you so much for your help!


4 comments to Help Me Design My Business Card – Take 2

  • Ed Cunningham

    I”m liking the blue color but not he layout buddy. Try optionD with the Blue background. Change the colors in the lettering to a gold or white that stand out a bit.
    Or don’t 🙂

    You could always go with a Gene Simmons from KISS logo. It would definately get someone’s attention that a pastor is passing that out. Just a weird thought from the Ed.

  • Ha! Someone pointed out the typo in Option C…I misspelled University. That’d be funny to include intentionally!? But would probably be more annoying than anything. Thanks for the good eye! No one else has seen that. Keep the comments and voting coming. Thank you all so much!!!!

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