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Thanks for stopping in. Pour yourself a cup o' jo, take a load off your feet, and check out what's here. You are looking at my ramblings about issues of faith, life and culture—they are my own and are not necessarily shared by those with whom I work, live or otherwise engage.

My journey has led my family and me across the country where I have been introduced to a lot of people and a lot of different ways of doing things. One passion, though, runs through all these experiences: building beloved and sustainable community. "Sustainable" community is kind of a strange notion, as communities (people) change constantly, and things are always in motion. So, the latest chapter of my life has led me to the notion of "impermanence"—not an idea that comes naturally in a culture that likes to build monuments to our greatness for future generations to view and admire. But, I'm trying to practice my awareness of impermanence—the idea that nothing is permanent, nothing is forever, and things are always in flux.

Feel free to share your comments and engage in any conversation that may be happening here, but just know that I do reserve the right to delete any spam or anything I deem inappropriate or offensive. I look forward to dialoguing with anyone who cares to dialogue!

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Help me choose my business card design!

As most of you know by now, on Feb. 1st I’ll be serving as pastor/teaching elder of University Presbyterian Church of Tempe, Arizona. They have a really cool logo:

So, I’d like to use it on my business cards. I’m torn about using the PC(USA) seal, which I think is really cool (more info on the seal here):

I love the PC(USA) logo. But I’m afraid it might make my business card too busy. I have a lot of information I want on the card, including how to connect with me on my blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

So, I need your help choosing a design. Look at the following, then click here to rate them. I’ve recolored the PC(USA) seal to match the colors the church uses (which may be a ecclesiastical or social faux pas, but I’ve seen others do it and it kinda looks cool).

I’ll post the results here after about a week’s worth of responses (yup, all 10 votes I might receive!). If everyone rates these designs poorly, then I guess it’s back to the drawing board. In any case, thanks for participating!


Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D


Let me know what you think. If you have other suggestions, leave a comment below or contact me by clicking here.

1 comment to Help me choose my business card design!

  • Renee

    Eric, why even mention teaching elder? Nobody cares. I never put ” minister of word and sacrament” on anything, why should this be different?
    Also, prioritize your info based on how folks will contact you. Cell phone above the fax #, church website below your Emil, etc.

    And leave off the PCUSA logo. Looks too busy to me, and we’re not supposed to change the colors.


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