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2011 UnConference – Practicing the OpenSource Church #unco11

What is the UnConference?

I’m gathered with 70+ other people in the church. Many are clergy, some are in other professions, and all are passionate about the reality of the Church’s witness to the Holy among us. We all come from an amazing diversity of places, experiences, and understandings of God. Most of us are Presbyterian, but others have been welcomed into the fold.

I find myself reflecting again on Landon Whitsett’s book, [...]

Margins of Grace

I went to a retreat this past weekend with about 40 other Presbyterians. The Rev. Dr. Eric H. F. Law was the keynote—an Episcopalian priest and founder of Kaleidoscope Institute in Los Angeles. The institute was born out of his own Christian journey of trying “to address race and diversity issues in faithful and constructive ways.” I had never heard of Eric Law prior to this two-day retreat, but I soon realized that [...]

Open Source Church – Part 2

Ok, so the farther I get into Landon Whitsett’s book, Open Source Church, the more I think I’m beginning to see the vision he is proposing. But I wonder if there needs to be a balance between honoring the traditions that have informed our way of being the Church and seeking new ways of living into God’s vision for the Kingdom here on earth.

He writes: “I can edit the worlds biggest encyclopedia, [...]