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I have redesigned a new blog, transferred all the posts from my old blog, and am starting today with my first post. I’m pretty excited about it, and pretty proud of the new design. I have little experience designing websites, but I think the design turned out pretty sweet (thanks to WordPress’ self-publishing/hosting application). 

I hope and plan to write posts every week, typically on Monday afternoons. I love writing, but have not been able to find a groove or a medium to engage in it. Writing, for me, anyway, is a communal activity, though often done in solitude. When I write, in my context, I write for a population–in my case, for my local congregation. But over the past several years I have found myself more and more interacting with the conversations that are happening all over the blogosphere. They are exciting, fruitful, maddening, frustrating, joyful, and, otherwise, profound. 

So, am re-starting my own intention to be active in those conversations and offer my own contribution to the larger (much larger) world of blogging on issues of theology, life, and culture. I invite your comments. So, pour yourself a cup o’ jo, get comfy in your favorite chair (or at your desk, whatever the case may be), and let’s dialogue! 

Peace and blessings,

2 thoughts on “New Blog – Faith & Coffee”

  1. I, for one, am happy for this development. Thanks for the mention on the blogroll, too, especially considering the other folks on it.

    Kick yo’ knowledge!

    1. Thanks, Rocky! We’ll see how this goes. In any case, it’s pretty! 🙂

      And, as for your blog, I hold you in high esteem. Of course, it doesn’t mean much to be posted on here if no one looks. lol

      Here’s to the wonderful world of blogging!!!

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