New Project: My Life in Pictures

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This past year Bruce Reyes-Chow took one picture every day for a year to document his life and allow the rest of us a glimpse into his life as the moderator of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He is also an avid blogger and has invited others to do the same and a few have taken him up on his invitation. I hesitated–gosh that seems like a lot of work to stay consistent and to remember to take and post a picture every day. But, after some consternation (about 5 minutes), I figured what the heck! Let’s give it a try. You can see who has taken up his invitation on his blog.

So, today, Jan. 2, 2011, I begin the project of “My Life in Pictures”. I hope to post one picture each day. They may be random, inspiring, odd, disturbing, or just play funny. Let’s see how it goes…

My first post (already posted) can be found on, or they will also be posted here on my much neglected blog. Feel free to comment, or just ignore.

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