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Thanks for stopping in. Pour yourself a cup o' jo, take a load off your feet, and check out what's here. You are looking at my ramblings about issues of faith, life and culture—they are my own and are not necessarily shared by those with whom I work, live or otherwise engage.

My journey has led my family and me across the country where I have been introduced to a lot of people and a lot of different ways of doing things. One passion, though, runs through all these experiences: building beloved and sustainable community. "Sustainable" community is kind of a strange notion, as communities (people) change constantly, and things are always in motion. So, the latest chapter of my life has led me to the notion of "impermanence"—not an idea that comes naturally in a culture that likes to build monuments to our greatness for future generations to view and admire. But, I'm trying to practice my awareness of impermanence—the idea that nothing is permanent, nothing is forever, and things are always in flux.

Feel free to share your comments and engage in any conversation that may be happening here, but just know that I do reserve the right to delete any spam or anything I deem inappropriate or offensive. I look forward to dialoguing with anyone who cares to dialogue!

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Spurts n’ Spitz

I can’t seem to maintain any sense of consistency on this thing. It’s been some 8 months since I last posted anything. I love reading other people’s blogs, but can’t seem to maintain my own. So, I thought I’d post about not being able to post–makes sense, right!?

The idea of posting things for other people see (assuming someone besides me reads this) can be rather narcissistic. I mean, really, do people want to hear about what I’m thinking? And, more importantly, do I want people reading what I’m thinking!? Yes, there needs to be a certain amount of censoring. Some things are just not for public consumption (again, assuming anyone is reading this). But, I do have ideas. I do have thoughts that I’d like to throw out into the ongoing conversations of life–offer my contribution, as it were. But, do people really want to know?

I get the impression that most of the congregation I serve do not read blogs. My impression is that most spend as little time as possible on the internet (part of me says, “Good for you!”). But, we have a small and growing cadre of people who regularly surf the net either for something specific or just to see what’s going on “out there” (another part of me says, “Good for you!”). In any case, my hope is that what ever I may post here may be of some interest to someone out there. If not, then I shall be but one small voice among millions that no one hears, and somehow I’m ok with that too.

I do hope to see some of you who do actually read this in the coming year, either in person or on here. Merry Christmas and may God bless you in the coming year!


4 comments to Spurts n’ Spitz

  • Eric O. Ledermann


    I'd be very interested in that! Let's do it! 🙂

  • Eric O. Ledermann

    Dr. Sheltie, thanks for your comment. It is comforting to know I am not alone. I enjoy blogging, actually, especially when people read my blogs (thus the point blogging). In a way, we are both contributing to the ongoing conversations online, but I'm thinking we are attempting some sense of self-promotion in that we are promoting our contribution…that is not necessarily a bad thing. There are those, of course, who are all about self-promotion…usually we can weed those out.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment.

  • rocky

    So there's this "Theology After Google" event at CST in March with Tony Jones et. al. that is presuming to equip pastors and theologians to use blogs and other social media technology in doing theology. Maybe we should go to that . . .

  • dr. sheltie

    My blog posting has declined in recent months. Sometimes life happens! And I agree with your comment that blogging can become narcissistic. That's actually something I thought about with my initial post, http://drsheltie.blogspot.com/2007/07/why-write.html. (I really am not attempting self-promotion.)
    Write when the Spirit moves you!

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